Mathematics Baseball Championship
A quick question...
Should I mix the question structure up for you?
Okay, now for the quiz...
Subtraction: Subtract no more than from numbers between and
Addition: Add no more than on to numbers between and
÷ & x Using:
And a few little extras...
Set Up
  • The class is split into two teams (team one and team two).
  • There are four bases around the room. One of these are directly in front of the smartboard (students line up in front of it so they face the board to read the questions).
How to play
  • One team is the "batting" team, and the other is the "fielding" team.
  • The "batting" team line up at the first base, and the first batter gets ready to answer the question.
  • The "fielding" team line next to the smart board.
  • The first person in the "fielding" team presses "Throw Now!!" to generate a random question on the board.
  • The batter has 5 seconds to answer the question.
  • After the batter answers, the fielder presses field now, and the answer will show on the screen. The fielder must take the batter's first answer only.
  • If the batter answers the question wrong, they are caught out, and sit down next to their team.
  • If the batter runs out of time, it is a strike. Each batter gets 1 strike before going out.
  • If the batter answers the question correct, they move on to the first base.
  • If the batter answers the question correct, all players on a base move to the next base.
  • The next batter then gets ready, and the fielder goes to the back of the line.
  • The next fielder gets ready to throw, and this process repeats
  • This is repeated until all batters have had a run.

  • Before players score a home run, they must answer another question. They do not have any strikes, if they answer incorrectly, it is a no score. If there are no more batters, every player on a base moves to the next base.
  • When there are no players left on a base, the teams swap over.